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Our Values Matter to Us

We believe our values help us be the best version of ourselves, and help attract others with a similar world view.

Be a positive team player

It’s easier to be critical than constructive, however, we choose the latter. We understand that working at a start-up means lots can change and we react positively even if we’re personally disappointed. When faced with a problem we fix it.

Open, honest communications

We believe in open, honest communications with both customers and colleagues. Sometimes this might mean giving people information they might find scary or upsetting but it also means empowering them to make truly informed decisions.

Do the right thing

We believe in acting honourably in all our dealings – we don’t go back on our word even if it may be in our interests to do so. Not only is this the right thing to do ethically, which would be enough for us, but we believe that it also generally works out better commercially too.

Work hard and enjoy the journey.

At Kaybridge, we have an opportunity to build one of the defining companies of our generation. To do something this extraordinary takes more than working ordinarily hard and hence we work hard. However, if you’re going to work hard, it has to be sustainable which means you have to enjoy your work and, crucially, have time for and enjoy your life outside work.